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  • An Oregon woman thought the weird sensation was a stray eyelash. It was eye worms.
  • This Woman Thought She Had a Stray Eyelash in Her Eye, but It Was 14 Worms
  • Oregon Woman Finds 14 Worms in Her Eye, Becoming First Known Human in History with Rare Infection
  • 14 worms pulled from woman's eye after rare infection
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  • A Woman Found 14 Worms in Her Eyeball
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  • 14 Cattle Worms Found in Woman's Eye, First Case Ever Reported
  • A Woman Had 14 Worms in Her Eye And Doctors Didn't Even Know It Was Possible
  • 14 worms pulled from the eye of woman with rare infection
  • Ocular Thelaziosis in Dogs, France - Volume 16, Number 12—December 2010 - Emerging Infectious Disease journal ...

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