Health minister repeals laws, saying B.C. needs satisfied, secure health workers

Adrian Dix says the province intends to implement one law that improves job security and rights for health-sector workers.

Changes reverse legislation brought in by the previous Liberal government that allowed health care providers to lay off unionized employees and hire them back at lower wages.

B.C. union celebrates end of senior care ’contract flipping’ - Nanaimo News Bulletin

Adrian Dix says stability is key to increasing care standards

B.C. labour advocates, care-home staff celebrate new legislation that will end contract flipping | The Star

The president of the BC Federation of Labour said in a statement that the repeal of Bill 29 and Bill 94 will be a positive move for both workers and patients who rely on their services and companionship.

NDP to repeal Liberal-era health-sector labour laws NDP to repeal Liberal-era health-sector labour laws

Laws that allowed health-sector labour contracts to be ripped up and staff fired en masse only to be hired back at lower wages could soon be repealed.B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix introduced . . .

The B.C. government has moved to roll back two health sector laws that resulted in the lay offs of thousands of health-care workers under a former provincial Liberal government.

B.C. to ban contract-flipping at seniors care homes

The NDP government is moving to repeal legislation that allowed for care aides and other workers in seniors cares home to be laid off and rehired at lower wages.

B.C. to ban contract-flipping at seniors care homes

B.C. is moving to ban the practice of contract flipping at seniors care homes and health facilities.