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Florida Senate, gubernatorial recounts continue amid tensions, litigation Florida Senate, gubernatorial recounts continue amid tensions, litigation

State law requires a machine recount in races where the margin is less than 0.5 percentage points.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Mishaps, protests and litigation dominated Florida's first day of recounting the vote for pivotal races for governor and Senate, bringing back memories of the 2000 presidential fiasco. Much of the drama on Sunday centred on

Florida election recount continues amid tensions, litigation

Broward County, the state’s second-most populous, is emerging as the epicentre of controversy in the recount

Florida to recount senate, governor votes amid Trump outcry, - THE BUSINESS TIMES

: THE BUSINESS TIMES Government & Economy - [MIAMI] Florida's Senate and governor's races have gone to a recount that will decide two key offices in the largest US swing state, setting off outcries from Republicans led by President Donald Trump and Rick Scott, the state's governor now vying to be a US Senator.. Read more at The Business Times.

Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott, whose lead has narrowed in the state's U.S. Senate race, filed more lawsuits against local election officials on Sunday, asking a judge to order police to impound voting machines and ballots when they are not in use.

Palm Beach county supervisor says it’s ‘impossible’ to finish recount by deadline

The Palm Beach County, Fla., elections supervisor says it is "impossible" to finish the three Florida election recounts by the Thursday deadline.

Florida recount progresses amid sky-high tensions

Florida governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott has filed another lawsuit over the vote count

No allegations of criminal activity in Florida election, law enforcement says

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is not actively investigating any matters related to Tuesday's election, a department spokesperson said Friday, after it was informed by the Florida Department of State that there have been no allegations of criminal activity.