Previous scandals were survivable for Tony Clement. But the trouble he now finds himself is different. This time, it is profoundly, devastatingly humiliating.

Former Tory MP Clement reveals ‘acts of infidelity’ exposed him to blackmail this summer

Ontario MP says in letter to his constituents that he went to the OPP ‘last summer’ after learning that someone was seeking information on his dealings with women

Evening Brief: Extortions and investigations - iPolitics

Scheer thought Clement’s sexting ‘an isolated incident’

MP Tony Clement’s revelation he had reported a sexting-related extortion attempt to police in the summer came as news to him, PC Leader Andrew Scheer says.

Opinion | With his sexting adventures, Clement has got himself into three kinds of trouble

The former Conservative minister has landed on the wrong side of the #MeToo movement, the issue of digital privacy and the ongoing drama at Queen’s Park, Susan Delacourt writes

MP Clement admits to inappropriate online behaviour, says alleged extortionist was 'foreign actor'

MP Tony Clement has admitted to additional instances of inappropriate exchanges that "led to acts of infidelity," and crossed lines that he said, should not have been crossed.

In his own words: Full copy of Tony Clement’s letter to his constituents

‘During a period of personal difficulty and weakness I engaged in inappropriate exchanges that crossed lines that should never have been crossed,’ Clement writes in a letter posted on his website

Tony Clement says alleged extortion attempt by ‘foreign actors’ wasn’t only case of ‘inappropriate exchanges’ - National | Tony Clement says alleged extortion attempt by ‘foreign actors’ wasn’t only case of ‘inappropriate exchanges’

Disgraced former Conservative MP Tony Clement says an alleged attempt to extort him over "inappropriate exchanges" wasn't the first time.

Tony Clement's letter: MP admits inappropriate online exchanges led to acts of infidelity

'Most recently, another inappropriate exchange led to foreign actors attempting to use my indiscretion for financial extortion'

OTTAWA - Former Conservative MP Tony Clement has had inappropriate online relationships with more th... - Canada - Winnipeg Free Press.

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Dear Canadian politicians: do your job, stay out of scandal, and Vinay Menon won’t need to write about you in the Entertainment section