LEVY: $2-million transit office last thing City Hall needs

So let me get this straight. Did Mayor John Tory really tell reporters Thursday morning that City Hall needs a another layer of bureaucracy — namely a new dedicated transit expansion office — to “avoid bureaucratic delays” with getting transit built in Toronto? Did he also...

Mayor Tory looks to hire ‘transit czar’ for new transit expansion office, skeptics weigh in - Toronto | Globalnews.ca Mayor Tory looks to hire ‘transit czar’ for new transit expansion office, skeptics weigh in

Mayor John Tory, fresh off re-election, announced Thursday that Toronto is creating a new office to make sure transit construction stays on track in the city.

City establishes first of its kind office for Toronto transit projects

After a long history of overcrowding on the TTC, seems like the City of Toronto is looking to ensure that our transit projects are on track.

City of Toronto creating a 'transit czar' to push forward expansion - CityNews Toronto

New 'transit czar' will push expansion: Tory

The City of Toronto will hire a new “transit czar” to light a fire under projects like the downtown relief line and Scarborough subway, Mayor John Tory says.

City to appoint ‘transit czar’ to oversee expansion | The Star

Mayor John Tory announced the position Thursday, which the city says will serve as a point of contact between the city, TTC, Metrolinx and other orders of government involved in building new lines.

NetNewsLedger - Toronto Establishes New Transit Expansion Office

John Tory says city will hire 'transit czar' to be point person on network expansion

The city will hire a “transit czar” that will be responsible for pushing ahead key projects and “knocking down roadblocks” to their completion, Mayor John Tory says.