The forced resignation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has people in the local marijuana industry breathing a sigh of relief.

Jeff Sessions resigned from his post as attorney general at President Trump’s request in a move that could have implications for Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Drug reform advocates are thrilled about Jeff Sessions' exit from the Justice Department, but the future of federal weed prohibition is uncertain

What Does Jeff Sessions' Exit Mean for Federal Pot Policy? What Does Jeff Sessions’ Exit Mean for Federal Pot Policy?

Anti-cannabis AG Jeff Sessions is out, giving some hope that whoever fills the position has a more progressive approach to drug policy.

The departure of Attorney General Jeff Sessions could be good for weed advocates

The fate of federal marijuana regulation got a jolt Wednesday with the country’s top law enforcement official, and staunch legalization opponent, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, resigning from his post.

What Jeff Sessions' Resignation Could Mean For Cannabis Stocks (NASDAQ:TLRY)(NYSE:CGC)(NYSE:CRON)

Investors got some good news Tuesday night, but perhaps none got better news than marijuana stock investors. In addition to a Democratic House win and ...

Cannabis policy observers were scrambling Wednesday to determine how Jeff Sessions’ departure would affect the marijuana legalization movement.

Jeff Sessions’ ouster key win for cannabis investors, but exit of another Sessions is an even bigger deal

Texas Republican Pete Sessions, who blocked federal legalization, lost his seat yesterday

Marijuana will be legal in Michigan -- but you can't bring it into Canada

With Michigan soon to legalize recreational cannabis, Southwestern Ontario residents planning to travel south of the border to buy marijuana better get schooled on the rules, or risk facing life-lasting consequences, warns an American immigration lawyer.

The legal cannabis industry got a shot in the arm on Wednesday as U.S. voters in three states decided to legalize the drug, and one of its biggest political opponents stepped down.

Marijuana stock Tilray up 30% after cannabis foe Jeff Sessions resigns under pressure

Shares of major marijuana companies rallied after Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned Wednesday after months of public criticism from his boss, President Donald Trump.

“We need more weed!” a shopkeeper lamented. Suppliers underestimated the demand and didn’t grow enough, retailers said.